Are you concern about keeping dangerous criminals out of you home and businesses? SAY YES for a free consultation and quotation. We cut the cost not the service. We provide home owners and businesses with affordable security solutions to ensure that your loved ones and employees are secured.

Electric Fence: No deposit required for fences up to 100m. Certificate of Compliancy (COC) upon completion. Energizer is guaranteed for 2 years and workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months.

Burglar Alarm Installations: Wired and wireless burglar alarm systems are available with the option of complete autonomic use via your smartphone.

Burglar Alarm Upgrades: Examples vary, however include but are not limited to: outdoor detectors, beams, upgrading of control panel, conversion from wired to wireless, additional device installations.

CCTV: These camera systems can fit any size and unit requirements.

Intercom: Video and audio intercom systems are available.

Panic System: Panic systems provide a unique and quiet security solution for alerting the authorities for all commercial entities.

Maintenance: Repairs and maintenance is also provided on all of the above mentioned products, and all workmanship is guaranteed for a full 12 months.